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Fluid therapy and clinical nutrition for cows
The Selekt™ range comprises equipment for delivery and collection of fluids to and from the rumen, and formulae for rehydration and clinical nutrition.  The Selekt™ Cattle Pump is robust and durable.  It has a stainless-steel body and all its parts are replaceable.  The Selekt™ Drenching Set has an effective lock on its gag, which is a vital safety feature.  The Selekt™ formulae are manufactured from high-quality ingredients that dissolve readily in water.  This avoids the waste and under-dosing arising from sedimentation of the undissolved ingredients of cheaper brands.

Selekt Equipment
Selekt Cattle Pump

Selekt Rumen-Fluid Collector
Selekt Drenching Set

 Selektrange of clinical-nutrition products
for cattle and sheep

Selekt™ Fresh Cow 500
For reduction of the risk of
milk fever and ketosis
in freshly calved cows.
Also provides rehydration.

Selekt™ Restore
For dehydrated cows,
ewes and horses.

Selekt Charbon Fluide™
Liquid activated charcoal is for use as an adsorbent feedingstuff
Selekt™ Off Feed
For inappetant cows.
Also provides rehydration.

Selekt™ Glycerol Plus
Rapidly glucogenic formulation
for reduction of the risk of ketosis
in dairy cows and twin-lamb disease
in ewes. Also for ketosis recuperation.

Selekt™ Antacid
For acute rumen acidosis.
Provides antacid, buffer and yeast.


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